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Open Concept

Whether you’re doing a kitchen renovation, a living/dining room remodel or just want to have a more open feel, don’t hesitate to think outside the box…er…walls.

Walls we’re put up to define rooms and many older homes feel very cramped and closed off because of it. One way to deal with this is to remove some walls. Now I’m not suggesting you go home and have at your walls with a hammer; not a good idea. You certainly won’t get very far with a hammer, and worst of all, you don’t want your house falling on you.

You see, those pesky little walls that are standing in your way of an open floor plan are also holding up the other floors of your house, even if you’re in a single story ranch, the walls are still bearing the weight of the roof. The walls that are bearing all of this weight are… you guessed it –

Load Bearing Walls.

By replacing those load bearing walls with a beam that can be hidden nicely away, you can have the open concept floor plan of your dreams. This is a great option as a part of a bigger remodel. Open your kitchen into your dining room or living room. Or maybe you want to take two bedrooms of your house and make them into one master suite.

Take a look at the difference opening up a wall can make.


Kitchen and dining room with wall removed. Open Concept

Isn’t it amazing, the difference removing a wall can make?

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