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A Helpful Tip on Saving Your Paintbrush

This is a helpful tip on how to store your paint brush, especially if you aren’t quite done painting what you need to, but don’t think you’ll get around to finishing it for another week or so.

Let’s take a look inside my fridge!

Paint Brush in refrigerator

See that in the back of my refrigerator? Yup, it’s a paint brush! A simple way to keep your paint brush from drying out between coats, or between weeks of putting off painting, is to just throw it in the fridge.

Just take a paper towel.

Paint Brush

Wrap your paint brush in it.

Paint Brush

And throw it in a plastic baggie so the moisture stays in.

Paint Brush

It works great and can save you the hassle of going to paint something and only finding dried out paint brushes in the house.

People might think you’re a little crazy if they go into you’re refrigerator looking for a drink or something to eat and find a paint brush instead, but that’s OK, at least you still have a usable paint brush!

Tip written by Jason Bazinet.

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