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A tip on keeping your project square

It’s important to make sure your project is in square. Whether you’re dealing with a patio, a door, a window, or anything else that fits into a square or rectangle shape, you have to make sure you are keeping in square. Here is a quick tip on how to make sure you are working in square.

demonstration of measuring a square diagonally to see if measurements are equal.

This is clearly an over exaggerated picture, but you can clearly see the bottom picture is not square. right?

The easiest way to check for square is to measure from corner to corner at a diagonal. The measurement should be the same for each diagonal measurement. You can see in the top picture, corner to corner diagonal is 5 for top left to bottom right, and 5 for bottom left to top right. They are equal and square.

The picture below that doesn’t have the same measurement from corner to corner, so it is out of square.

In order to correct this, you need to adjust the sides up for down to get an equal measurement on your diagonals.

Now go out and measure those diagonals. It will save you a lot of headaches later on.

What about if you’re trying to add a closet or countertop and you need to see if your walls are square? I’ll cover that in a later tip, but here is a hint, the pythagorean theorem is all you need.

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