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Spring Time Outdoor Project Ideas

As we’re starting to come into nicer weather, or should be soon, it’s time to start thinking about what projects you can do outside to improve your home. There are always projects you have to do inside, but once the weather starts to get nice, you just want to get out there and do something. Aside from the standard yard cleanup, raking leaves, mowing, fertilizing the lawn, etc… There are plenty of fun projects you can do that will actually reward you in the end.

Idea #1: Build an Outdoor Deck or Patio

This is a great project to extend your living space and give you a nice place to throw a party, or just relax in the morning with a cup of coffee and the paper.

A patio can be built with many different types of paver stones in a variety of layouts and patterns. If you want to try to DIY this project, make sure you read up on building a patio and adding drainage. You don’t want to spend all your spare time building a patio to have it crumble apart in the winter from a lack of drainage.

If you decide to build a deck, you need to follow building codes, especially if the deck is attached to your house. Make sure it has proper footings for your area and that the framing of the deck is correctly done. Whether you decide on a patio, or a deck; both projects will leave you with a relaxing space to enjoy for years to come.

Idea #2: Install a Fence

Installing a fence might be on the top of your to do list if you live on a busy street or just want a little more privacy or separation from your neighbors. You might also have children or pets and need to fence in your yard to keep them safe.

There are several different styles of fence to choose from and different methods of installation. One of the most important factors to remember when installing a fence is to make sure you put the posts into the ground deep enough. You want the post to go below the frost line so it doesn’t push up and knock your fence over in the winter time. In the north east, you’ll want to put your fence post in about 3 feet into the ground. It seems deep, and it will look deep while you’re digging it, but don’t take a shortcut and say “that looks good enough” or you’ll be back digging a new post hole in no time.

Idea #3: Build a Raised Bed Garden

Looking to try your hand at growing your own vegetables this year? Try building a raised bed garden. You can have more control over drainage and if your ground is poor quality dirt you can add all fresh soil in a raised garden. It also makes it easier to plan the size of your garden so you can easily reach everything by just walking around it. If you decide you no longer want the garden, it’s pretty easy to just take apart and rake out the soil.

Take the time now and decide on a fun outdoor spring project. This way, when summer hits, you’ll be sitting out on your deck, the busy street noise will be blocked by your new fence, and the cucumbers and tomatoes you just grew will make for a great salad.

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