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Looking for a New Home? Why Not Build One?

One of the many options of home ownership can often be overlooked, and that is building your home from scratch. Do you have a piece of land that you’ve wanted to put a house on, or a neighborhood you want to live in but there are no houses on the market? If you have the property and it’s zoned residential, then you can get your dream home.

Some advantages of building a new construction home are that you can design it how you want and add the features you like. Want a 4 bedroom 2 bath house; just put it into the design. Have a preference for Colonial, Victorian, Cape, or Ranch style? Start with the style you prefer and design from there.

Not only can you lay out the house how you want, but it also gives you the opportunity to pick out finishes you like. Want hardwood floors throughout, or do you prefer carpet in the bedrooms? Like travertine tiles? Why not put them in the bathrooms. Now is the time to add heated floors, pick the type of heating system you want, make a show-stopping kitchen with granite counter-tops, make sure you have a coat closet at your entrance, or any other features you’d like to see in your home that you always wish you had.

Another advantage of building a home is that you don’t have to worry about outdated knob and tube wiring that needs to be replaced or a 60 amp breaker panel that will only power half of today‚Äôs appliance needs. You can also rest assured that you have a brand new roof over your head. The heating system will be new, and you won’t have to worry about replacing your boiler or furnace in the middle of the winter.

By working with a design to build contractor to design and build your new construction home, you get to see your vision come to fruition on the page (or computer), and then in real life.

Building a new home from scratch is more affordable than you might think, and if you already have a piece of land, or a house that needs to be torn down, then you’re already one step closer your dream home. It might seem like an overwhelming or daunting task, but working with a design to build contractor will make that process all the more easy. It also takes the burden off of having to find multiple companies to work with, when you can hire one company and have all of the work done.

So if you’re considering a new home, why not think about building a new construction home how you want it?

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