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Open Concept Floor Plan for Entertaining

One of the biggest layout styles people want in a home now is open concept. They want to feel like their home has a good flow to it, which is why open concept homes are more and more popular. People don’t tend to want to be sequestered to a formal dining room, separated from every other part of their house, they would rather have an entertaining space.

Even if you have a boxy house with separate boxy rooms, you can still open it up and make it feel more open concept. You can read more about open concept projects in an earlier blog post about this very topic. I thought I would delve into it a little bit more in this post since it seems to be a hot topic.

If you love your home and the neighborhood you’re in, but you don’t love the closed off feeling of separated rooms, or if you want to create a better living space for entertaining, then an open concept floor plan might be the way to go. You can certainly adjust the structure of your home to make it feel more open, and you can also add on to your house to make a great room, an extended kitchen, a larger living room, or any other room you might want to expand upon.

So how can you do this? Well read the post above for more information on load bearing walls and what you can and cannot take down by yourself. But beyond that, you might need a little help in deciding what wall or walls should come down, or which direction is the best one to expand your house. Hiring a design to build contractor can help you in making these different decisions.

If you’re trying to open up your house to make it more of an entertaining space for having people over or hosting holidays, it’s also a great time to consider upgrading your kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the heart of your home, so why not expand on the space around your kitchen as well as make it more inviting for people.

The options are endless for the finishes you can pick while remodeling your kitchen. One idea with flooring when making a more open concept space is to run the same flooring throughout. Use the same flooring from the kitchen into the great room or dining room, or whatever space you’re opening up. This will add to the feeling that it’s one big open and cohesive space.

Concerned that open concept is going to feel like a big open space with no definition of one room to the next? By using furniture, wall treatments, or separate lighting, you can easily define each space, while still allowing for the open concept feel that you’re going for. There is no need to worry that your space is just going to feel like an undefined room.

So remember to think of the purpose of your remodel to make sure it aligns with the look and style you want. Open concept floor plans aren’t for everyone, but you can see that they can allow for a more inviting entertaining space for your home if done correctly.

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