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Sick of the Heat? Build a Sunroom

Are you already sick of the heat from the last few days? If you’re already done with the warm weather, maybe it’s because you don’t have a nice place to go in your house when it’s so hot.

That’s why adding a sun room addition can be a great idea. A nice great room attached to your house with a ceiling fan blowing cool air down on you. Can you picture it? A nice enclosed sun room can have more use than an outdoor patio.

First, a sun room can give you more of a shaded area out of the direct sun, but at the same time, with windows surrounding you, you can still have the bright sunlight pouring in.

Second, when building a sun room, or enclosing a porch to make a sunroom, you have the option of adding heat, or more importantly for this conversation, air conditioning. Even if you don’t have forced air duct work, there are still other options for adding built in wall air conditioning units that don’t have to take up window space. The theme of our blog posts tend to be about planning and thinking ahead for what you want to get out of a project, so this is a good example. Don’t just think about adding a sun room or closing in a porch, but think about heating and cooling the room so you can use it more often.

Finally, you can still entertain in a sun room, and you don’t have to worry about being bombarded by bugs. If you make it a big enough size to be a great room in your house you will certainly get a lot of entertainment space out of it. Think about building french doors or sliding doors into your plans that leads out to a patio space. That way you can keep a grill just outside, and on days when you want to feel like your sunroom flows to the outside you can just open the doors.

So don’t be sick of the heat or sunny weather already, after all, the summer hasn’t even officially started. Instead, think about all the possibilities of adding a sun room addition to your house and how it can make even the hottest summer days a little cooler, while still letting in the nice sun light.

Have you thought about adding a sun room but haven’t taken the leap yet? Contact us to find out more information or get a free estimate on your project.

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