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5 Ideas to Spruce up your Curb Appeal

1. Add Shutters

Shutters come in different styles and many different colors and can really make your house pop. Not only can you add a little bit of color, but shutters also seem to make a house look more finished. Shutters are a small expense for the curb appeal factor that they can add. Even if you choose a more neutral color, it can still add a nice completeness to your house.





2. Trim Back Overgrown Bushes

It’s ok to have bushes, shrubs, plants, and flowers in the front of your house, but if they are blocking the view of the house or encroaching on the sidewalk, it might be time to trim them back. Sometimes people plant more bushes than they need because at first glance it looks so empty. Over time, when the bushes grow up, you’ll notice that you, or the previous owner, may have been a little over zealous with their planting. Another common mistake is that people plant too close to the house, or too close to a sidewalk, not thinking about spacing when everything fills in. By trimming back, or even thinning out the number of plants you have in the front of your house, you can make a much cleaner and inviting space.



3. Make Repairs to your Sidewalk

Living in Massachusetts you should know that eventually your sidewalk will get cracks or become damaged; it’s just the nature of living in a region that freezes and warms season after season. To spruce up your curb appeal, make sure you patch and repair broken or damaged sidewalks. Not only will it make it safer, but it will make the front of your house look a lot nicer too. While you’re fixing up your sidewalk, why not try adding a concrete stain to change up the boring gray concrete color. There are a variety of colors available, so make sure you pick something that might blend better with your landscape.


4. Paint your Front Door

Just a small change like painting your front door can make a big difference in curb appeal. Why not go bold and try something that will stand out. It’s only paint, and it’s easy to change to something else down the line if you get tired of it. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door will draw your attention to the entrance of your home.







5. Mulch Around Trees and Add Flowers

Now that you’ve scaled back the bushes and shrubs, add a little color and dimension to your front yard. If you have any trees in your yard, define a space around them by removing the grass and adding mulch. You can also hang some baskets of flowers near your front door for another pop of color. Also think about the different seasons, and try to add different plants that will bloom at different times of year so you’ll always have color.



Now that you’ve followed all of these tips on improving your curb appeal, sit back and enjoy having the nicest curb on the block.

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