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Apple Picking, Hay Rides, and Heated Floors

The crisp fresh air the last few mornings have made me think of the fall. Time for apple picking, pumpkin donuts, hay rides, and heated floors.

Wait, did I just type heated floors? Yes, I think I did. Well it might not be at the top of your mind now, with it still being summer and all, but pretty soon you’ll wish you had some toasty heated floors. We’ve talked about radiant heat floors in this blog post (Radiant Floors for your next bathroom remodel), but it’s been a while, so I thought it would be a good idea to bring up again just to get you thinking. This is a great time to consider it especially if you’re planning to upgrade your 50’s style bathroom or any other part of your house.

Although your bathroom is a great place to add radiant floors, because who wouldn’t want warm feet when you step out of the shower, bathrooms aren’t the only place you can use radiant heat. In fact, if you’re building a new construction or renovating your home, consider adding radiant heating to other rooms too.

There are two main options for radiant heat: Electric systems and Hydronic systems.

If you’re interested in heating your entire house, or larger rooms, with radiant heat, the hydronic system is the route you want to go. Hydronic systems, as the name implies, uses water running through tubes in the subfloor. Water heated to 100 – 120 degrees runs through these tubes to keep the temperature constant. It is quieter and more efficient than other heating systems. It also doesn’t have any air blowing out of registers, or ducts to keep clean. Also, with the advent of PEX tubing, it’s much easier to do this type of installation than it was when copper tubing was the only choice.

Electric systems are typically for heating smaller spaces, and this could be a good option if you’re just interested in heating your new bathroom floor. Mats are laid into a thin layer of mortar on the floor and hooked into your electrical system.

Regardless of the radiant heating system option you choose, you can place pretty much any flooring type on top, from ceramic tile to manufactured hardwood floors.

So maybe you don’t feel like you’re quite ready for heated floors and all things fall, but you know its coming. Won’t it be great to have an in floor heating option ready to go when the weather really starts to cool down?

Check with Paul Ferrara and Sons to see if radiant heat can be retrofitted to your home, or if you’re building a new construction, consider adding this heating system in now.

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